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Upcoming Funeral Services

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Our Team

At John Rhind our Funeral Directors are very much a part of the community, and are passionate about providing a professional and caring service. They have extensive experience in the funeral service and are available at any time to discuss options with you.

To find out more about the extra care our team offers, please click here or phone John Rhind at one of our locations below.

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Tony Garing

SI Regional Manager - InvoCare NZ LTD

Michelle Taylor

Assistant Manager

Zane Zweibruck

Funeral Director

Hugh Douglas-Withers

Funeral Director

Christine Staines

Funeral Director

Glenys Grant

Funeral Director

Phil Kingan

Funeral Director

Nick Rhind

Funeral Director

Grant Mitchell

Funeral Director

Ian Cotton

Funeral Director

Rachel Olliver

Funeral Director Assistant

Craig McNicholl

Funeral Director Assistant

Malcolm Burgess

Mortuary Manager

David Check

Mortuary Care

Victoria Sardelich - McNutt

Mortuary Care
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