Gentleness, dignity and respect

Caring for your loved one

Once your loved one is in our care, we care for their body with great respect and gentleness. Their dignity is always our concern.

Washing and caring for their body

The first thing we do is gently wash your loved one’s body and moisturize their skin. We close their eyes and comb their hair. We then dress them in the clothes you have chosen.

We aim to make your loved one look natural, as they did in life, especially if you plan to spend time with them at home or in our funeral lounge. We appreciate it if you can share recent photographs of your loved one with us.

Hygienic care

The process of caring for your loved one’s body is called embalming. It includes the hygienic care and preservation of their body.

There are different ways to care for your loved one, and your choice may depend on your funeral needs. Here’s a brief overview of your choices. Your funeral director can discuss your options and help you make the right choice.

No embalming

There is no legal requirement in New Zealand for your loved one’s body to be embalmed, although airlines require it if they are being repatriated.

If your loved one is being buried or cremated soon after death you may choose not to have their body embalmed. Please talk to your funeral director about this option. If this is appropriate for your loved one, their body will be gently washed, dressed, and kept in a cool environment. We recommend funerals take place within 3-5 days.


If your loved one’s funeral is delayed, or you plan to care for their body at home or in your marae, we recommend embalming to gently preserve the body, keep your loved one’s natural appearance, and preserve hygiene. The embalming process uses aldehyde chemicals which are biodegradable. Everything is done with the greatest care and respect.


We offer environmental embalming options. These use plant-based solutions approved by the Green Burial Association. They’re only effective for a short while, so we recommend funerals take place within 3-5 days.

When embalming is advised

We recommend embalming when:

  • Your loved one is being repatriated to another city or country.
  • Their funeral will not take place for some time.
  • You wish your loved one to spend time at home or in your marae.

We're here for you

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