Celebrating a life

The funeral

The funeral is a chance for everyone who knew your loved one to say goodbye, share memories and tell stories together. It’s a time to celebrate everything that made them special.

Making the ceremony personal

There are many ways you can make a funeral ceremony a personal celebration of your loved one’s life, from playing their favourite music, to displaying mementos of activities they loved.

Thefuneral Pallbearers


Pallbearers carry your loved one’s casket from the funeral ceremony to the hearse, and from the hearse to their grave if they are to be buried. They may also bear the casket into the funeral.

Thefunerla Eulogy

Eulogies & readings

Giving a eulogy is a chance to share our precious memories of our loved one. It’s impossible to sum up a life in a few short minutes, but stories are a wonderful way to celebrate their spirit.

Thefuneral Livestreaming


If friends and family can’t attend your loved one’s funeral, you may like to consider livestreaming online, so that everyone can take part.

Thefunerla Catering


Offering food and drink to your funeral guests creates a welcoming space for people to share stories and support your family.

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