Having important conversations

Preparing for death

Every life comes to an end and death is a natural process. When it takes its normal course, it happens peacefully and with dignity.

If you’re in your later years and seeing signs your resilience is fading, you may wish to start having conversations with the people important to you about the life you’ve lived, and how you wish your life to end.

Sharing your stories

Sharing your life story is a precious gift to your family and to yourself. By talking about our life, we can celebrate the joyful moments, forgive ourselves any regrets, and come to terms with how we’ve lived. Taking time to talk brings peace and closeness.

Planning for the end of your life

Consider your end-of-life care

It’s important for your family to know what end-of-life care you want, especially if you can no longer speak for yourself.

An advance care plan records what health care you do or don’t want. It also includes what’s meaningful to you, the people you want with you, your values, and your spiritual and emotional needs.

Make an advance care plan

The Health Quality and Safety Commission have created a simple five step process to help you with advance care planning.

They encourage thinking and talking about how you want the end of your life to be. Then they recommend writing a simple plan so you can share your wishes with your family and close friends.

Resources to help you prepare

Palliative care specialist Dr Kathryn Mannix spent her medical career caring for people with incurable, advanced illnesses. She saw that the process of dying is made “less frightening and more peaceful, the better prepared we are … Knowing what to expect, and knowing what our dear ones will see as we die, helps people to plan, to speak to each other openly and honestly, and to relax.”

Planning Ahead

Planning advice for people living with a terminal illness.

What to organise before you die

Information about the sorts of things to consider before you die.

Christchurch Death Café

Conversations about death and dying over cake and coffee.

Talking about dying

Supporting New Zealanders to have more conversations about death.

What’s it like to die?

How do I know I am dying? what will happen to me? How will we know?

With the End in Mind

A book written to help us understand what to expect when we die.

Arrange your pre-planning meeting

We’re here to guide you through all your choices and take care of all the details. Make a time to meet, and we’ll help you plan a funeral to suit your needs and honour your loved one.

We're here for you

If you need our help following the death of a loved one contact us any time of the day or night.

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